Roberto Jacoby


Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1966, he published the manifesto “An art of the mass media”. He has participated in “Tucumán Arde”. After producing his “Mensaje en el Di Tella” in 1968, he has researched social conflict and political epistemology until 1986.

Since 1999 he has been developing networks of artist and non-artists, such as the online database “Bola de Nieve”, the workshop Chacra99, the journal “ramona”, the micro-company “proyecto Venus” and the temporary autonomous zone “Sociedades Experimentales” of the CCRRojas.

In 2001, he presented his first individual exhibition in the gallery “Belleza y Felicidad”, where he also presented Darkroom, a video performance for infrared rays and a single spectator (2002). Newer versions of Darkroom were presented in MALBA (2005) and in Pontevedra (2006). In 2007, he produced a micro-political experience, “La castidad”, which inspired a video with the same title. In 2008, he presented the show “1968, el culo te abrocho” in the Appetite of Buenos Aires.