Corinne Diserens


She was born in Switzerland. She studied art history at the University Pantheon-Sorbonne, Paris and the Independent Curatorial Studies Program at Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.

After working as a curator for several years at the IVAM Museum in Valencia (Spain), and founder/artistic Director of the non-profit cultural organization Carta Blanca in Madrid (Spain)/ Marseille (France), in 1996 Corinne Diserens became Director/Chief Curator of the Museum of Marseille (France), and recently, of the Fine Arts Museum of Nantes.

As curator, she organized major retrospective exhibitions (on artists such as Lygia Clark, Wo Hannibal Acconci Studio, Marcel Broothdaers, Dan Graham, David Goldblatt, Dieter Roth, Trisha Brown, Oskar Schlemmer, Jana Sterback, Gordon Matta-Clark, Eva Hesse, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Ettore Spalletti, Richard Prince, and Fischli-Weiss among others). She also produced numerous collaborative art projects and publications with visual artists, architects, dancers, and cineastes and writers ('Pré-occupations d'espace/Jerusalem au pluriel"; “Film de Romance"; 'Sala/Mouléne'; ‘Time and 'I'Ide'; Citizen X/ Heart of Darkness", L'action restreinte. L'art moderne selon Mallarmé'; " 50 espéces d'espaces': Almadraba'; “Puente de Pasaje' among others).

Corinne Diserens has been extensively involved in developing programs of restoration and acquisition of bodies of Works which, because of their nature, have been “left out” of the museum collections (as examples: the restoration of all Gordon Matta Clark films, of Dieter Roth 40 films work “Diary”, the 'rescue' of all Vito Acconci‘s audio Works from the sixties and seventies with their digitalization an the production of an audio databank).