Carmen Serra


With a formation in Latin American Literature, she has a background in cultural management in various museums and foundations in Mexico. She played as a cultural aggregate of Mexico in India and Peru. With the curiosity to understand the fundamentals of the biology of the knowledge studied with Humberto Maturana and under her tutorial realized an investigation on the generative mechanism of the collaboration in the human beings and of the space-psychic-corporal-emotional or well-being that arises in them when They collaborate; Research with which she obtained the master's degree in Biology-cultural. She recently completed her studies with Arawana Harashi, creator of the Social Presencing Theather method, a method that facilitates the understanding of social systems. She has developed and facilitated various spaces of conversation in Mexican companies with artists and writers to promote critical thinking and reflection around the question How do we do what we do from our doing? Currently collaborates with the TAE Foundation, art and education transformation.